Handling Failures

Depending on your request body and request pattern, the API may respond with certain error codes to indicate something went wrong.

Example failure response

"id": "a30c822e-f490-4ba0-b263-66297f4c5a16"
"statusCode": 401,
"errors": [
"message": "exceeded trial request limit of 1000"

Failure Cases

The table below highlights the possible failure cases.

Status CodeReasonSuggestion
400Missing fields or incorrect request bodyCheck the JSON field: errors in the response body, it is an array of errors containing a message identifying the fields missing.
401Exceeded request limit for trial accountTrial accounts are limited in number of requests made, to get a higher limit or unlimited upgrade your plan.
403Invalid api keyYour key can be found under account > profile > show key.
408Request cancelled due to timeoutRequests can take too long to process and will end up timing out, this is to ensure requests get processed in a reasonable time.
429Exceeded concurrency limitEach plan has a concurrency limit, exceeding this will cause your requests to fail until concurrency is reduced. You can apply for unlimited concurrency by emailing us.
500Something went wrongA 500 from our server indicates something went wrong processing the request. Please contact us or retry if you see excessive 500s.